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I ended up with Happiness 160 and Gold 50

See, I wanted to avoid numerical outcomes. It smacks too much of systems and not enough of causal relationships. Hopefully the ending will, like in fallout, outline the choices you made and their outcome. However, given the time limit of 2 weeks and some massive headaches during production, these ideas had to be but on the back burner.

However, I can say that will be a 'good' ending in that your people are happy and 'bad' because them debt collectors are coming ;)


Atomic Brainbag

I love the animation style. I love the cute little beepy noises the text makes as you interact with characters. I really love the font. Ideally needs a bit of proofreading for some spelling errors and maybe some more indication how much gold is going on each decision. Also would totes love some debt collectors at the end to demand some gold your brother owed.

Really cute little game and well worth a look. Atomic Brainbag clearly has some awesome talent in this area!


Thanks for the kind words. I'm working on a new version of the game with some visual indicators of how each thing is doing. My main aim with the game was to tell the story visually through changes in mood and such. With that will come better proofreading and a more cohesive design.

Many thanks,

Atomic Brainbag